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Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I find your address on 1040 Kohler road in my GPS?

1040 Kohler Road will not show up on your GPS, please enter
REGIONAL ROAD 8, Kohler Ontario

What is the altitude at the track?

600 ft above sea level.

What is the length of the drag strip?

4200 ft.

What radio station do you transmit?

On 104.9

Can I get race fuel at the track?


What food do you offer at the concession stands?

We offer a wide variety of food and beverages.  We serve hot dogs and hamburgers, nachos, onion rings, fries & gravy, popcorn, slushies, chips and chocolate bars, water, soda pop and a whole lot more!

Can I get Ice at the Concessions?

Bags of ice can be purchases at the concessions

Are there power or water hookups for our campers?


Is Camping available and can I reserve a spot?

Track side camping is available.  Spots are first come first serve.  Reservations for Motorhome sites are accepted for National events and some special events.

Racers are welcome to camp in their pit area.

Do you sell firewood for Campfires?

Local individuals sell firewood only during some events.  The sellers are usually located behind the washrooms.   Stop by the tower to find out.

Small campfires are permitted only in the grass areas and we encourage you to contain them with fire rings- be prepared to provide your own fire ring!  They are in short supply!

Can I bring the family pet?

Pets are welcome!  Please ensure they are leashed at all times and remember to clean up after them. 

Do you have restrooms or showers?

Yes.  Our restrooms and showers which are newly renovated are located in the grey building in front of the concessions.

Washrooms can also be found in the camping area.

Can I bring glass containers?

No.  Glass containers of any kind are not permitted on Toronto Motorsports Park grounds.  Plastic bottles or cans only.

What happens if it rains?

Drag Racing is a sport that relies on a dry racing surface for competition.  To remove water on the drag strip, Toronto Motorsports Pak uses a combination of machines to dry the track.  We will make every effort possible to dry the surface following a rain delay.  

If an event is cancelled due to inclement weather, the promoter of the race, i.e. Toronto Motorsports Park,  OSCA, etc  will make the call regarding rain checks and only at the time of cancellation.